Rasta Vibez is a new Jungle label coming out of Holland. Since its recent inception Rasta Vibez has already had two massive Jungle releases, including tracks from our Wednesday night DNBWW resident PIXEL! The label also has the very rare status of making ALL VINYL releases, which is almost unheard of for any new labels emerging right now!

Febuarary 27th 2015 sees Rasta Vibez third release - 'The Herbalist EP' including 'Herbalist' by Mystic Pulse and 'Legalize It' by PIXEL! As with their previous releases, Rasta Vibez haven't held back on treating us to some great looking new Vinyl!  This release comes as a hand-stamped 10" pressed on RED VINYL for all those vinyl addicts out there!

The Herbalist EP

Available at all good VINYL dance music stores:


OUT Febuarary 27th 2015!

To find out more about Rasta Vibez and what vinyl treats they have in store for us, check out their new Facebook page below.

RASTA VIBEZ Facebook Page

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Author: DJ Darkone


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