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Broken Souls EP by Threshold
Label: Skeleton Recordings
Catalogue No: SKELR06
Release June 2016
Format: Vinyl


Skeleton Recordings brings you their sixth release.
Available as a 3 track transparent red 12” vinyl.

Threshold grew up listening to roots, reggae and hip-hop, and quickly gravitated towards the turntables.In the 90’s, influenced by Manix and 4Hero, he discovered hardcore / jungle, playing on stations such as Storm FM,
Upfront & Flex FM, which respectively lead to engineering & production.
During this time he worked as an engineer for the legendary Eskimo Noise which provided the install for Metalheadz
renowned ‘Blue Note Sessions’ and a little later started releasing with signings under the name ‘Special Branch’.

Early 2000 also saw signings to fundamental label Reinforced alongside Breakage and also under a separate alias
‘Espionage’. 15 years on and Threshold is a firm fixture in the Rupture crew & still true to the roots jungle sound,
releasing music on Rupture LDN, Foundation X and his own imprint Dub Clinique

Don’t Ask Me Why - This mystical Amen rollout has been getting a lot of love and shows yet another angle to Thresholds diverse production skills. The beats hit hard from the get go and the sub heavy bass will definitely rumble your insides for sure.

Cavernous Heart - The sound of a beating heart sets the tone on this track, which has a dark yet a very emotional, almost sinister feel to it. Without a doubt, this one will take over your mind and soul as the beats take you on a

Blizzard - This track was a very long time in the making, with Threshold trying to work his drum funk around the
vocal. Anyone who understands production and drum pattern editing will know just how much blood, sweat and tears has been put into it.

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Takers EP by Will Miles
Released end of March
Exclusivley on Juno


The Emerging Talents of Will Miles
come to the fore on this well crafted gem of an EP

Family Man
A cross pollination of Old School meets new, Jungle Meets Jump rolling
out with mean Dub Style bass peppered with the Family vocal and solid
beats keep you entranced until it drops to a luscious chords vibe which
hold you captive until the bass kicks back in with a squelch and even more
intent to keep you grounded to the spot.

Panic Buttons at the ready as Takers starts off somewhere in the
Twlight Zone, with just a Hi Hat pattern surrounded with a complex
haunting futuristic synth, then Will Miles magic really start
happening, first head rocking half step beat kicks in with a subtle
double kick that sets up for the Amen break to then take care of any
doubters, Meanwhile your feeling the pressure as the bass squashes
you into submission.

Broken Plates Remix
Lulls you into a false sense of security on the intro with a warm synth
dream like pattern before all hell brakes loose. Will gives you a
warning with the sound of mentazim in drop, on the return it’s total
warfare with hard hitting mentazim synth and beats to match.This
remix is for all the hard steppers destined
to bring total chaos to any
DnB arena .



''18 Years Old'' by Lynch sisters
The Gospel Duo's NEW SINGLE

The much anticipated single "18 years old" reflects on the life of two teenagers at breaking point in their individual lives. The heart-breaking reality of loneliness and despair is sure to captivate its audience with powerful, passionate and poignant lyrics. Behind the melodies lie a moving storyline where paths cross within the message of restoration and hope.

The Lynch Sisters have been developing their craft and performing various shows since the release of their first single ‘True Love.’

The Lynch Sisters are committed to making a change in this generation. When not singing – they work with charities and youth from inner city areas – have seen issues surrounding self-esteem and broken relationships, all of which have inspired the message behind the song and its title.

The track was written by The Lynch Sisters and was produced and musically arranged by their brother and world renowned football freestyler – Jeremy Lynch.

Artist Management
Jennifer-Ann Lynch



RELEASE DATE: 20th November 2015
catalogue no. : switchrecord009

The next installment on Switch! Recordings sees UK artist JAXX making a debut on the label in the
shape of an artist EP. Jaxx, head honcho of Train Recordings, has been honing his production skills
since getting into dnb at a young age. His music has gained the attention and support from the likes
of DJ Hype, Grooverider and Logan D. His Keep It Rollin’ EP flexes the bass cones with 4 pimped up
smashers. It’s time to crank up the volume and let everyone know what’s funkin’ as you rollin’ in
your drop top! 

This is the destroyer. Not much needs to be said about this track, try it and see! Let its calm intro
sounds lull you into a false sense of security, before it’s 4/4 rhytyhm pounds you relentlessly
with nasty distorted lead lines. 

The energetic DJ tool. Rolling beats and creepy, trippy atmospheres set the scene, dropping into a
dissonant and hypnotic bassline

Showing his versatility here, Jaxx teams up with Luke Groome for a laid back work out. Lush vocal
choral pads and keys combine for a smooth groover.

One for the rollers! Sub low and resonant bass work out makes this bubble and bounce along.
Find a spot in the corner of the dance, put up ya hoodz and raise a cup of tea to the Custard Cream!

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CAT # : KLPR011

KPL RECORDS bring you their next release.. the 3 track SOUND SYSTEM CULTURE EP

First off we give you DUBPLATE SOUND by the award winning jungle producer and
owner of Deep In The Jungle / Audio Addicts Label DJ HYBRID. This rolling track with
tight drums and a heavy reece type bass with plenty of reggae rifts and brass sounds.
This one will definitely get you moving on the dance floor!

Next we bring you the lastest artist to join the Camp, DJ JTM track name SQUEEZE.
A homage to his brother that passed away. This one sounds like its straight out of a
reggae dance with David Rodigan and Courtney Melody samples sirens and horns
rolling drums and a heavy reggae basslines, this one will have you skanking!

Finally we give you DJ MONK track GOTTA ROCK. This has rolling drums heavy tone
bass mixed up with some dark basses snippets of sound system and hip hop samples.


Our brother @mystic-pulse just secured his inaugural 12" release on Rotterdam's @rasta-vibez imprint, releasing two smokey jungle/DnB tracks that kicks off the label's distinguished frequencies. 'RASTA12001' is available since 25/09/2015 in both vinyl and digital format 




Thanks to the influence from Jamaican and UK reggae music and his background in audio engineering, 24 year old producer Mystic Pulse brings a fresh and distinctive sound in the drum n bass and reggae/dub scene. By fusing inspiration from the sound system culture and his experience in creating diverse sounds, he delivers that bass music listeners know and love, but executed in a different style with every production.

Mystic Pulse has been at work since he finished his training at SAE Institute. Within two years after graduating he has released two 10-inch records on Rasta Vibez (RASTA003 & RASTA004), both of which hit the top 3 drum n bass bestsellers chart at juno records. He also produced a 10 track CD in collaboration with Dutch reggae band Misty Basement and got featured on one of UK's leading bass music promotion platforms FatKidOnFire. His DJ-sets have often amped up the crowd, whether it's at the Outlook Launch party hosted by Subway Music (next to artists like Rockwell, Ivy Lab and The Illuminated) or during one of his unique vinyl sessions on an original reggae/dub sound system.

Mystic Pulse currently lives in Rotterdam (NL), and besides producing music also plays a part in the local club scene. He enjoys taking part in (co-)organizing events like the legendary 420 Reggae party, which took place in an old tropical swimming pool. He has also hosted his very own stage at the Tegenstroom Festival in August this year.

We expect to hear more releases in the near future, for he has been cooking up plenty of fresh bassweight recently.

 Sales Note 'Live Up EP':

Since launching last summer, Rasta Vibez has carved a niche for itself among the drum and bass community for those seeking out some dub and reggae flecked jungle cuts for the dance. Now, after a successful series of 10" hand stamped records, Mystic Pulse kicks off a new 12" series pushing a more serious and distinguished sound with style. Both sides start off halftime but effectively evolve into breakbeat chaos, which has already proven to shake up the dancefloor big time. In short a must have for all ragga muffin junglists!


Artist: Xeropoint
Title: Evolution Of Sound EP
Label: Skeleton Recordings
Catalogue No: SKELR05
Release Date: November 23 2015
Format: WAV & MP3.


1. Dreadnought Class
2. Drop That
3. Evolution Of Sound
4. Charlottes Rose

Skeleton Recordings brings you their fifth release, Evolution Of Sound EP.

XEROPOINT aka MC CONTACT has been involved in the D&B scene since 1992.
Under his alias, MC Contact, he achieved great success in the UK and on the international stage, MC’ing at club nights and raves including Movement and Tech:Nology. He held the mic down for some of the scenes greats, Nicky Blackmarket, Blame, Hype, Trace etc.

In the late 90’s he started MC’ing for DJ Clipz (Full Cycle) and spent some time in the studio with him learning how the music was crafted and he was hooked. He took a step away from the scene for a while and used that time learning how to produce.
Xeropoint has had a very busy and productive 2015 and has music due for release on labels including Physmatics Music and Format, with many more tunes in the pipeline!

Dreadnaught Class Hard hitting beats, damaging bass frequencies and foot on the gas. This one’s definitely for those that like to be in combat mode. Pure roller and 100% head nodder that will cause damage on any dancefloor.

Drop That Nicely built up with some well arranged patterns and warm vocal stabs before the drop turns it completely around with some quality drum patterns and editing, finished off with a nasty growling bassline.

Evolution Of Sound The title track is another carefully crafted roller. Evolving from light sounding stabs to a low hitting sub that is complimented by the snappy drums.

Charlottes Rose Xeropoint completes the EP by showing he is capable of all styles. This minimal masterpiece is full of the kind of production sounds that will make you drift off on a dark winters night.


This week's live call in guest is NDLDJ, one of the main players and part of the MORPHED Collective based in Linz, Austria. Ever since the collective's beginnings at Lederfabrik they've organised Club Sessions with locals and international artists at various locations and - on a regular basis - at Stadtwerkstatt.


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